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[IP] Low symptoms... not low

"My experience has been that 'feeling low' can happen
at any blood sugar if it's dropping fast.  For
example, if I've had a clog and my blood sugar goes
sky high, I can feel 'low' at 200 if it's dropped fast
from much higher after giving insulin to bring it
down.  I was told that the adrenaline that's released
that makes us feel low is from the fast drop rather
than the low itself.  (I'm talking about the racing
heart, sweating kind of symptoms.)

Has anyone else had this experience?


Very interesting!  I have definitely experienced this and frequently it has 
been when I was really high and coming down quickly.  Is there a solution for 
this or is it still better to 'get down quickly' and experience the symptoms 
rather than perhaps do an extended bolus and slow down the decline/symptoms?

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