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[IP] Re: BCBS of Illinois Insurance

In a message dated 5/3/02 8:20:08 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I used to have cigna, when I changed jobs, i ended up with bcbs hmo ill,
> it actually turned out better, I pay less co pament for insulin and 
> medication, all my pump supplies are covered at 100% (including 
> battaries) for my 508
> can't complain (Also covered my pump at 100%)
> something to consider, if you are on an old pump, and you are switching 
> insurance, they do not know that you already have one, you may want to 
> get a better  one since they would not have payed one for you

I also have HMO Illinois and they have covered my pump supplies, including 
batteries at 100%.  The only problem I had was figuring out whether I could 
get the supplies directly from Minimed or a third party (UltraCare).  The 
first time I got supplies from both and had to send one back.  Now I have to 
get it from UltraCare and they charge HMO Illinois more than double the price 
on their website. The customer service reps at UltraCare also don't know 
anything about pumps (they asked me if I was insulin dependent while I was 
ordering insulin pump supplies)!  HMO Illinois also covers my strips at 100% 
- at the pharmacy.  They do take awhile to pay my bills so I think that's why 
my doctor doesn't like them.

But with any insurance, it could vary by what deal your employer has.

I got my pump when I had another insurance almost 3 years ago and will want 
to upgrade at sometime.  Wouldn't my current insurance ask what my current 
regiment is before they would approve a new pump? They are paying for pump 
supplies right now so they would have the information that I have a pump.  
Just curious about others experience with upgrades under a different 

Type 1 28 years, pumping almost 3 years MM 507C
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