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Re: [IP] Silhouette black and blues

--- Annie Wall <email @ redacted> wrote:
> > I also have a question for others on the list.
> Recently,  I noticed I seem
> to be getting bruises at the insertion sight. They
> go in o.k. but after
> about 24hours they seem to get red and then end up
> black & blue or even
> bleed when I take them out. I've been pumping since
> December and I use the
> Silhouette. This just started happening. Maybe an
> allergy? I'd appreciate
> input from others that have experienced this.
> >
I used softsets for the first six months fine. Then I
got a bad case of poison ivy(first time) and started
having extreme irritation at my sites. After the
poison ivy cleared up I had irritation off (1/3 of
time) and on. I changed to the quicksets earlier this
year and thought wow this is great, but then went
through a period of kinks, blisters and bleeding. I
made a few minor adjustments(suggested here:standing
up when inserting and pushing in the inserter firmly
before removing) and have been having no problems. My
advice: Check your procedure, any other skin
problems?, be patient when checking out other sets.
Sometimes it's the little things we miss. lol peg
> >

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