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[IP] Silhouette black and blues

> I also have a question for others on the list. Recently,  I noticed I seem
to be getting bruises at the insertion sight. They go in o.k. but after
about 24hours they seem to get red and then end up black & blue or even
bleed when I take them out. I've been pumping since December and I use the
Silhouette. This just started happening. Maybe an allergy? I'd appreciate
input from others that have experienced this.
> Laurie
This is precisely the problem I have had with Silhouettes.  Only I also seem
to have the same problem with Sofsets and Quicksets.  I'm currently having
mixed results with the Polyfin (bent needle).  I am in the process of
experimenting with every infusion set I can get my hands on.  Most recently
an IP-er suggested I try Disetronic's Rapid set because she had the same
problem with the Silhouette.  I would encourage you to do what I'm
doing--try every MM product and every other pump company's products, until
you find the one that works the best for you.  I understand that all
companies will send you samples.  I'm going to try until I'm successful
because I am determined not to give up on the pump.  It ain't easy.

I'll let others know when I get there and urge you to do the same.  Don't
live with this problem.  I did for too long, thinking something was wrong
with me.  And it had never occurred to me to try a different pump company's
infusion set.  I've learned here that pumpers' experiences vary greatly and
different products have different results.

Good luck!

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