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Re: [IP] Dilute Novolog?

On 4 May 2002 at 11:42, email @ redacted wrote:

> Does anyone out there dilute novolog in the pump.  My daughters doctor is 
> willing to let me try it, as long as I find out how everyone is doing it.  Novo
> says that they know people do it, but wont tell me how because they don't have a
> product for it.  Any help would be great. Thanks Tami, mom to Jamie, DX'd at 13
> months, pumping for 1 1/2 years

Can't offer any personal experience other than this post on POP:

On 1 May 2002 at 11:30, Michael wrote:

> > I would really appreciate it if you could find that info.  We are
> > thinking about switching to Novolog but we have not been able to get
> > any answers about how to dilute it.  The company does not even have
> > an answer for us. Thanks!
> > 
> > Debbie mom of Megan age 6 dx @4, Madison, 4 & Gillian 8 months
> > 
> Novo is not allowed to make a recommendation because they have not 
> submitted data to the FDA. They would get in trouble big time if they 
> said anything one way or the other.
> They do make these several products for diluting their insulins and 
> I submitted the question about which to use to the ip-medpro list 
> some time ago and got a response. You SHOULD get the recommendation 
> of your physician and/or pharmicist before proceeding.
> Novo's official response is:
> "No recommendation can be made at this time on diluting NovoLog or
> Velosulin(r) BR with any of the above three diluents, even on a
> theoretical basis."
> Our guys said:
> "Ask them for the ph of the Novolin diluent, I would suspect that 
> would be satisfactory if it is buffered neutral. There is nothing in 
> that insulin which would cause problems."
> Novo replied:
> "All the human insulin products are buffered to a neutral pH as well 
> as the diluents.  NovoLog is buffered between 7.2 and 7.6."
> This is the dilutent for Novolin R
> --------------------------------------------------------
> Diluent ingredients:
> Soluble diluent (for use with Novolin(r) R): Glycerol, metacresol,
> sodium hydroxide/HCL (to adjust pH) 
> Now you know everything I know. It is up to the prescribing physician 
> to make the decision.
> Michael
> email @ redacted
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