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[IP] BCBS of Illinois insurance


Regarding your problem of the insurance not covering the pump, I have two suggestions. Call mini-med or whatever pump you wish to use and maybe they can advocate on your behalf or put some information together that has proven to work for approval from other medical companies. Another option is to find out if BCBS contracts with a pharmacy that will also advocate on your behalf. 
I recently had a problem with BCBS and United Health of NY, and I got National Diabetic Pharmacies involved. (the VP) and they helped me resolve the payment problem. Maybe the same will work for you. Hope these ideas help. Good luck!

I also have a question for others on the list. Recently,  I noticed I seem to be getting bruises at the insertion sight. They go in o.k. but after about 24hours they seem to get red and then end up black & blue or even bleed when I take them out. I've been pumping since December and I use the Silhouette. This just started happening. Maybe an allergy? I'd appreciate input from others that have experienced this. 


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