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[IP] Re:Bannon's writing rules....

From: "Pat Bannon" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Infusion Sets soon a thing of the past for me (Part2)

I think that all this talk about my pump is better than yours is getting
old.  I think just getting on a pump ...any pump... is the main thing .  It
is a personal choice on which one after that.  Everyone is going to like one
or the other for certain reasons. ...just do the research and compare for
yourself..but to say one is better than another..I wish that would stop
--------(Bowing, genuflecting......)

I *thought* the poster was more excited about the Diaport. As am I.
No one pump is 'Better" than another, but it is nice to have a choice.

As far as 'any pump': maybe nowadays this may be true. As a visually
impaired person however, all the MM's did not meet *my* needs for a audible
bolus back then (They do now), and I chose Disetronic which was better
suited to *my* needs.

Because they've always been good to me, I'm staying with them.

Jenny Sutherland
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email @ redacted
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