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Re: [IP] Frustrated!

Talk about feeling frustrated....it is 11:45 PM PST  andI'm sitting here 
writing and waiting.  Josh was at a BD party sleepover.  He wasn't paying 
attention to his BGs, even though he checked them, he didn't bolus for the 
first high, didn't bolus for food, went into the hot tub with a high (365)  
came out and at 10PM rechecked BGs but didn't call me.  He was 552 according 
to the meter.  He did a 7 unit high bolus, I called to see why he didn't call 
to let me know.  He tells me what's going on.  The mom and I decide that this 
isn't safe, he will crash with the insulin and activity in the middle of the 
night.  I'm about 1/4 mile from their house when my cell goes off.  Josh just 
vomited.  I get there, he is a mess, drinking lots of water, can't pee to 
check KTs.  I get him home, still can't pee, recheck his BGs...are you 
ready...38.....in less than on hour he has apparently dropped over 500 
points.  BIG head ache now starts, he falls asleep...I'm praying that is what 
it is, I recheck after jouice box and 20 minutes...up to 65...15 minutes 
later up to 83.  But he has 7 units floating around in there looking for 
somewhere to go.  Paged the endo, he said to keep checking until he is over 
120, and then might want to recheck a few hours later.  Kerri and I are off 
to TCOYD in the early AM....UUGGHH!!!!  I'm going to be one tired puppy!!!!!

Yup...I'm frustrated and very sad, but Josh was glad I came and got him.  He 
will go back for another sleepover REAL soon, according to the mom, but he 
needs to be honest with her aout his BGs.  He refused to let her know what 
they were.

Oh well, lesson learned...right??!!!!!

mom to Joshua
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