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[IP] Fwd: News on the Glucowatch

>The wait is over and the GlucoWatch is now here. The GlucoWatch will be 
>available for sale through direct mailnot through retail pharmaciesusing 
>Visa or MasterCard credit cards. To obtain a GlucoWatch, adults (the 
>GlucoWatch is not approved for children ages 18 and under) with diabetes 
>must consult a healthcare professional to get a prescription. The 
>prospective users must then complete the order form and fill out a 
>questionnaire. Cygnus will then ship the GlucoWatch and associated 
>products directly to the consumer. The price of the Biographer 
>(wristwatch) is $595. AutoSensors (two are required for every 24 hours), 
>which are sold in cartons of 16, sell for $69.75. At present, Cygnus says 
>it is talking to insurers about getting coverage for the GlucoWatch but 
>for now patients will have to foot the bill. So! Will you be buying a 
>GlucoWatch Biographer? If yes or no, please explain why and we will try to 
>use your comments in a story we are preparing for our July issue. Be sure 
>to respond to email @ redacted and include your name, city, 
>state and whether you are type 1 or two. Thanks and all the best! Daniel 
>Trecroci Managing Editor Diabetes Interview email @ redacted
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