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[IP] CSII for children and adolescents (abstract)


Horm Res 2002;57 Suppl 1:101-4 Books, LinkOut  

Selection for and Initiation of Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion. proceedings from a workshop.

Hanas R.

Department of Pediatrics, Uddevalla Hospital, Uddevalla, Sweden.

Continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) has been used in the paediatric age group for more than 20 years. The technique is not yet widely used in most countries but there has recently been increasing interest in pump therapy for young children and adolescents. In 1999, 7.5% of Swedish children and adolescents with diabetes used pumps, now the figure is approaching 12%. The indication for starting pump therapy has usually been a medical problem, but today quality of life issues are becoming increasingly important. One technique sometimes used is to start CSII by wearing the pump only at night. Daily insulin requirements are usually decreased compared with injection therapy. Studies have shown that it is possible to lower HbA(1c) when using an insulin pump and that the risk of severe hypoglycaemia can be lowered. The use of CSII has also been successful in preventing recurrent admission for diabetic ketoacidosis. While starting pump therapy does take an extra effort fr!
om both the diabetes team and the family, routine visits are generally no more time-consuming than for patients on multiple injection therapy. CSII can be initiated during admission to hospital but most pumps are started on an outpatient basis. Our department has the patients on the day care ward for 3-4 days of 'pump school'. Parents wear a saline pump for practice. The total daily insulin dose is usually lowered 15-20% compared with multiple injections; on average 40-50% (sometimes up to 60%) of the daily dose is given as basal rate. We start all pumps on rapid-acting analogues and use 40 IU/ml if the basal rate is <0.3 IU/h. In conclusion, the use of CSII in children and adolescents is well accepted and can be managed safely. Copyright 2002 S. Karger AG, Basel

PMID: 11979036 [PubMed - in process] 
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