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Re: [IP] Frustrated!

> I'm frustrated with occasionally feeling low, checking
> my bg -- 120-160, still feeling lousy, checking again
> 15 minutes later -- 40-60!

This happens to me--no pump but Lantus & Novolog.
After hectic day, 3 hr after eating, suddenly felt low while driving. Bg
was 181.  I ate 1 glucose tab, then went to office, (a haven across
intersection.) Had feel good moment.   Then  grocery shopping, walked
briskly, drove home, Bg 90.  I think it is the way Novolog kicks in.  Or
insulin resistance?

> I'm frustrated with basal levels

I take Lantus AM/PM.  I had adjusted basal and felt strong & even.  My lows
like yours with hypo unawareness would drop to 41 (would have slight
inkling.)  It was 31/2-5 hrs, time to eat anyway.

> Frustrated with hypo unawareness; when I'm low I feel
> like I can't focus and that my brain has turned into
> mashed-potatoes.
> OK, I know I'm writing just to let off steam, but I
> wouldn't mind receiving tips if anybody has them (and
> my apologies if I've upset anybody by my ranting and
> raving to the list).
> Sarah
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