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[IP] Vit C.

Hi Kathy (et al),

FYI: While vitamin C/chicken noodle soup may allow us
to BELIEVE we are treating a cold, that may be more
myth than matter. 

Just for the record, vitamin C has never been
scientifically proven to accomplish any immune
response,UNLESS, the person was vit C deficient to
begin with (whether the person was DM or not). If the
person was vit C defic., then taking sufficient doses
to correct that deficiency REDUCED the amount of time
taken away from work (a grand total diff of 1 day
less, on average). 

The greatest affect vit C has is related to eye health
and anti-cancer potential. The whole "vitamin C CURES
the common cold" idea was proposed by Linus Pauling in
the mid-50's, but he never did ANY research to verify
his statements. Others, however, did research it
extensively, and determined the results I paraphrased

Of course, if mom says take your vitamin C and eat
chicken noodle soup, I'll believe that she is going to
cure me :>) I am a strong proponent of the mind-body
connection, so if vitamin C cures your cold, then by
all means, oranges ahoy :).

Just because we're diabetic, doesn't mean that we need
any different micronutrients. Merely that we have
perhaps more reason to consume the recommended amounts
than the average non-diabetic (e.g, RDA of
vits/minerals/25-35 g fiber/= or < 30% total kcal from
fat, etc.).

As always, best of health to you,

A treated cold is gone in a week; an untreated cold
takes 7 days to resolve  :)

Craig A. Clark
32 Eastwood Pl.
Buffalo, NY 14208-1053
(716) 883-6153
email @ redacted
email @ redacted

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