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RE: [IP] Infusion Sets soon a thing of the past for me (Part2)

More than a "long-term infsuion set", it goes clear *into* the body for
direct pickup by the liver.  No waiting 3 hours for absorption.

-Sara G.

Note: Last I looked at the Diaport was 2 years ago so my info may be out of

-----Original Message-----
 AFAIK, Minimed is working on the closed loop system (as well as all of the
other companies) and it should be out around 2007.  My endo said the diaport
isn't out in the US yet because it is awaiting FDA approval, but it'll be
out pretty soon.  I am also waiting for the closed loop system; I think that
will be the closest solution to the cure besides a transplant.  As for the
diaport, I have been looking at the disetronic site trying to figure out
what exactly it is, and it looks like an infusion set that can be worn
longer than a few days.  I like to keep up with the upcoming technology, as
I am sure the rest of you do.
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