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RE: [IP] Hemoglobin

Having too little active hemoglobin in the bloodstream can lead to anemia as
I'm sure you've heard by now.  One of the side effects of diabetes is that
high blood sugars, particularly for extended periods of time, have a habbit
of turning perfectly healthy and active hemoglobin into the lifeless, inert
detritus you've heard folks here bemoan known as hemoglobin-a1.  So diabetes
could make a low hemoglobin level worse, but I don't personally (in my
not-a-doctor-so-take-it-with-a-grain-of-salt way) know of anything the low
hemoglobin will do to effect your diabetes.

-Sara G.

-----Original Message-----
I have a question concerning my recent blood work.  My hemoglobin levels
are at 9.6 and my endo says they should be between 11 and 13.  He has
told me to begin taking an iron supplement twice a day.  The name of the
supplement is Feasol (???spelling). Will my hemoglobin being low cause
any special issues with me being a diabetic.  Is the supplement going to
cause my blood sugars to go crazy.  Anyone have any experiences?  :-)
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