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Re: [IP] Frustrated!


    NEVER apologize to us for talking about your frustrations and feelings.  
That is what this family (as large as it has gotten) is all about.  I can 
tell you that it took us the better part of the first YEAR before we finally 
got our act together with Joshua and pumping.  We had so many problems from 
the get-go and I can't tell you how many times I thought about quitting and 
feeling like such a failure.  But as I try to tell newbies and others from 
early on, get and read the PI book and use it as a base.  It gives you the 
basics and enough to work on after that. 

Josh's A1Cs went UP the first year because of all the problems.  He finally 
has started to come down significantly on this latest test (Feb- 2+ yrs after 
starting pumping!!!)  Don't be discouraged by all the miraculous experiences 
you read about here. (easier said than done, by the way!)  I have to think 
that the majority of pumpers struggle, like you and I, when getting started.  

I know that once we got Josh's basals set up nicely then he would have a 
growth spurts and they needed adjusting.  This is a pain but not difficult 
now that I know and understand his body's patterns.  But we were still way 
off on bolusing.  We were not nearly aggressive enough.  AND, we definately 
discovered that certain times of the day require certain amounts of bolus.  
They will not necessarily be the same each time you eat.  Boy it took us 
almost TWO years to figure that one out.!!!!!

So take a deep breath and let us help you figure this out.  I, for one, 
TOTALLY understand you frustrations.  And I'm sure there are many more who do 

Hang in there!

mom to Joshua
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