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[IP] insurance ranting- problem solved

Well, it turns out that my threats and frantic tantrums while on the phone with 
the insurance company yesterday did the job.  The mysterious woman who I was 
beginning to thinkl didn't exist, does in fact exist.  Unfortunately she's as 
stupid and uncaring as the rest of the bunch.  She did call me this morning 
though.  I told her what the problem was, and of course she had no idea what 
was going on, even though we faxed the stuff over a month ago and several times 
since.  So I explained that I needed to get the supplies ASAyesterday and that 
I needed to know what company the insurance people work with.  She told me to 
go to the web site and find a pharmacy on their list!  I not-so-patiently 
explained that I had already visited the site 2 months ago to check for a 
company that has the supplies I need and that normal pharmnacies do not have 
it.  So, she promised to call back when she found an answer.  An hour later she 
called and told me to get it at minimed!  Now why couldn't somone have told me 
that sooner?  Or given me her email address or phone number so I could ask the 
simple questions and get a simple answer?  Can anyone explain to me why they've 
put me through Hell and back stressing over where and how to get the stuff, 
when all I had to do was call minimed??  AARRRGGGGG!  Well, I called minimed 
and the very nice man there took my order and insurance info and said he would 
take care of it.  Now, I won't completely relax until I have the stuff and 
don't get a bill, but at least I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.  
Thank you all for your suggestions and support!  (I'm sure I will continue to 
look to you for understanding as I deal with this company for the next year or 
so- ugh)

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