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Re: [IP] infusion set blues


  Remember too, that, except for the new PAradigm pump, all sets are 
interchangeable with all pumps.  Josh is on the Dis H-Tron+ but we have been 
using the MM Quick sets and prior to that the SofSets.  You may have some 
unexplained success with Dis sets who knows.  At D. camp this past summer a 
mom to a teenage pump had some similar problems with the dtr's sites and they 
were using MM sets with their MM pump.  They tried Dis Ultraflex and the 
problem miraculously disappeared.  The dtr said she won't mess with success 
and will stay with these sets.  It could be lots of things so try everything 
out, including the other guy's infusion sets.  Can't hurt.  They will send 
out free samples to try.

Hope you can find the answer.  When osh first started 2+ years ago we tried 
so many things because of all the problems we were encountering.  It took the 
better part of a year and actually stop pumping for a few months to allow 
some healing, before we finally got everything just right.  Now things are 
GREAT!!!  But it was hard!  These guys here were great!!!!

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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