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RE: [IP] pump questions for men

Hey guys,

This might seem like a weird question and I apologize if so. But I'll ask
anyway. I don't yet have a pump but I'm in the process of considering one.
What I'd like to know from the men on the list is, what are the issues that
are unique to men when wearing a pump. 

Things like athletics. I workout at the gym several times a week and enjoy
other sports. How does the pump fit in with these types of activities, and
does it ever hold you back. What about showering? And practical issues like
body hair; you know how much fun it is to try to get a bandage off an arm or
leg - what are the considerations when choosing a site for the infusion set
on a hirsute bod? And sex - does the pump become something of a really
boring (and cumbersome) third partner?

Because I'm still in the info gathering stage, I'd really like to hear from
the men about this. Feel free to email privately if necessary. Thanks much.

Keith G.
email @ redacted
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