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RE: [IP] Frustrated!

Hi Sarah,
Don't apologize for feeling frustrated.  I've been pumping for over a year
and a half and still can't get things right but little by little, it's

As far as basals go, it is imperative that you do the fastings and check
them and record them.  Then do another one at least one more time before you
make any adjustments and the adjustments should be done in very small
increases or decreases.  Then wait a day or two to check that basal again.
Once you get that one down pat, go on to the next time frame and do that.

Of course, whenever you exercise or do any extra physical activity, it will
mess those basals up as well and you can do temporary basal thingies but
I've yet to use that cause I don't like to play with what I know works for
me.  I just check before, during and after heavy exercise or physical work
and eat something if I need to.

PMS time?  Well, that's another story.  If you are regulated and aren't in
perimenopause, that's not too hard to do.  Before I started pre meno....I
had those numbers down pat.  Now, it's who knows????  I just have learned to
go with the flow.

Make certain to make what I call a monthly pattern check.  Start a different
page somewhere for the week before, week of and week after your period and
go back in your log book to record these.  You will definitely see a pattern
as to when you start to go higher and when you drop.  You can then adjust
your basals a little at a time until you get those right.  Don't know if you
have a pump that can have several different basal rates.  I have a 507C and
it doesn't so I used to just change them and then change them back when I
got back to normal.  Does that sound confusing?  Yes but it's worth the

As far as your a1c not gonig lower than 7.7, it is because of the high's and
low's that this is happening.  Once you can get them into a more level
range, they should start straightening out.  Sometimes if you see a lower
a1c, it is more than likely that you have lots of lows which average out the
highs and they are false.  You know your body, your b.g. results and what is
really happening....just keep logging everything.

I'm frustrated with occasionally feeling low, checking
my bg -- 120-160, still feeling lousy, checking again
15 minutes later -- 40-60!
	I have this happen to me lots of times as well.  I don't care what anyone
says about the meters, I think there is definitely a time delay in what our
b.g. actually is and what the machine says.  If you start feeling low, what
I do is carry around the mini boxes of raisins and I eat one box of those.
It is only 5 gr of carbs so it's not going to hurt you and there aren't that
many raisins in there that will elevate you so high to mess up b.g.
Sometimes you just have to listen to what your body is telling you rather
than what the #'s say.

I'm frustrated with high bg's after eating - anywhere
from 160-250 2 hours after a meal, but 3 hours after a
meal my sugar levels are much closer to normal, and
usually if I don't eat a snack at that point, 1-2
hours later I'll be having a hypo.
	Ok, this has been my huge problem as well.  What I have been doing is
lowering my insulin to carb ratio .1 U every other day and checking b.g. 3
hrs after I eat and then one to two hours after that.
	Yesterday was the first day that I was actually successful in NOT having a
crash 5 hrs after I bolus for breakfast and that was at a 1/21.
	My lunch, which I would rather skip but find I can't, I usually take 1/21
but find that if I do eat a half a sandwich and fruit, isn't enough so I
need to start lowering that basal .1 at a time until I get that one right.
	Since dinner is my largest meal (providing gastreo isn't kicking in on that
day), I do a 1/13 and some days it works and others it doesn't and that's
with me taking my stomach pills.
	I know it is frustrating to keep having the lows and not seeing good a1c's
but you have to remember that each diabetic is different and what works for
one will not work for another.  It is definitely worth the time you take to
keep on testing and recording and to see patterns develop.
	I don't know how much insulin to carb ratio you are on but it's worth a try
to do what I have been doing...
	If I can go on the way I was yesterday I would be so excited to be within a
"normal range" for me to keep it going that way and not to have the crashes.
	Let me know how you make out with all of this and yes, do feel to vent
whenever you feel like it.  That's one of the things we are all in IP for!
Support, support and more support!!!
	Kathy B.
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