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[IP] Frustrated!

I'm frustrated with A1c's I can't knock lower than 7.7

I'm frustrated with occasionally feeling low, checking
my bg -- 120-160, still feeling lousy, checking again
15 minutes later -- 40-60!

I'm frustrated with basal levels that are still not
right after 9 months on the pump. And with
unsuccessfully setting correct higher basal levels for

I'm frustrated with high bg's after eating - anywhere
from 160-250 2 hours after a meal, but 3 hours after a
meal my sugar levels are much closer to normal, and
usually if I don't eat a snack at that point, 1-2
hours later I'll be having a hypo.

Frustrated with hypo unawareness; when I'm low I feel
like I can't focus and that my brain has turned into

OK, I know I'm writing just to let off steam, but I
wouldn't mind receiving tips if anybody has them (and
my apologies if I've upset anybody by my ranting and
raving to the list).


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