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Re: [IP] pump question

When Josh was going to go on the pump MM was the only company that Tricare, 
our military insurance system, recognized.  I set up a meeting with our then 
Dis area rep and our endo and his partner, both are Army docs.  I have now 
also set up intros with our Animas rep.  All three companies are now accepted 
by our insurance company.  Sometimes you may have to help make things happen. 
 MM was the only company in the states for a very long time.  So they are the 
ones that the medical community and insurances are use to.  If you are 
interested in having an opportunity to atleast check out the other companies 
out there now, get them set up with your docs.  Then the docs can recommend 
the other companies and VOILA!  The other companies can start to have a 
chance  too!  We were lucky...which really surprised me, seeing as we are 
dealing with a govt insurance company and military doctors.  But Josh's pump 
was approved and on its way to us in less than 36 HOURS after the request was 
put in the computer by our endo.....NO KIDDING...that is HOURS, not days, 
months or years!!!!!  It can happen.  You just need to help it happen!!

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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