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RE: [IP] stomach flu

Has anyone had the stomach flu recently?
	I didn't have a stomach flu but I had the flu and that was bad enough.
	You should already have a sick day plan established with your dr. or endo
to know how to handle it.  If not, give them a call.
	Make certain that you keep yourself hydrated even if you can't keep any
food down or in you.  Check your b.g. and keytones often.
	When I had the flu and didn't want to eat, I drank lots of water with just
a little bit of juice in it and checked b.g. every 2 hrs., ditto for
	I stayed within control and no keytones and I was sick for well over a

Also, anyone know why some people who come in contact
with someone who's had stomach flu only gets a little side effect?  ARe some
people immune?
	Has nothing to do with some people being immune...has to do with how well
you take care of your body, eat the right foods, etc. etc.  If you're not
taking vitamin C everyday (I take 1000 a day and if I get sick which I
hardly ever do, I take 2000 a day)
	It also matters if your body is run down.

	Just because we're diabetic doesn't mean that we suffer from immune
problems catching colds/flu more quickly than others.
	Only people who have to worry about staying away from others who are sick
are those who are on anti rejection drugs..
	Kathy B.
	(just my opinions)
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