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[IP] water parks, etc.

I have found that for a day at the water park, I can just leave my pump at
home.  Even though I normally exercise at least one to two hours per day and
my body is normally used to a lot of physical activity, the continuous step
climbing at the water parks seems to be more than enough to keep my sugars in
line without any basal.  Last month while at Typhoon Lagoon at Disneyworld I
even HAD to buy some of the mini sugar doughnut to keep from going low while
riding all the water slides.  :>)
We don't usually do any lazy river, floating, just all the rides that are at
the top of the steps so we climb up all day long.  I do take along a syringe
full of Humalog to cover  a meal (or if I get carried away on too many
mini-donuts).  I just keep the syringe full of Humalog in a locker.  I have
had no problem with keeping it in a locker for just a day at a time.
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