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RE: [IP] Re: Foot injury

Ok, lets see a show of hands.  Everyone who puts on their shoes before  they
get out of bed, Raise your hands high, so I can see them.  :)
	My hands are definitely down!  I hate wearing shoes and would rather go
barefoot although I know I'm not supposed to.
	I even walk outside sometimes w/o shoes which isn't a good idea living on
FL.  I can burn my feet so I have slip ons near the door when I remember to
put them on.
	This is not to say that I didn't once walk right into a lounge chair in my
bedroom and smash my toe that it broke and I saw stars but had to get out
with appointments.  Put my shoes on (low heels no less) and went out to do
my thing...

	And I do have neuropathy and don't heal well.
	I guess I fight the odds all the time now don't I??? :)

Kathy B.
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