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[IP] infusion set blues

My doctor just suggested that I write to you about my problems with infusion
sets.  I have been pretty happily on the pump for 7 years (now on th e MM
508), not a long-timer, but not a novice either.  In the last year I've
developed problems with every MM infusion set under the sun and am getting
quite discouraged.  Following is the description I sent to my doctor
yesterday (he's contacting someone at MM to get more help for me but we both
thought we may get some good feedback from you.)  Here's the gist:

"I am about as discouraged as I have ever been since I started the pump.
Years ago I switched from SofSets to Silhouettes because I kept getting
infections.  With Silhouettes, I would often get hard, red, sore bumps at
the site (infection?) and unexplained high BGs. Also, after unexplained high
BGs, upon removing the set, I would often find that the cannula was crimped.
I switched to QuickSets .006 mm and, more often than not, found blood at the
site, after removing it (due to unexplained highs).  I still have a major
bruise on my stomach after the last QuickSet 2 weeks ago.  I am now trying
the bent needle.  Days 1-3 seemed pretty darn good and I thought maybe this
was the solution, although even on Day 2, there was growing pinkness around
the site so I changed it, even though the blood sugar was ok.  Day 3
readings were practically perfect.  Day 4 I discovered blood at the site and
changed again to be on the safe side.  BGs rose all day so I changed again
at 7 pm even though the site looked fine.  BG was 275 at bedtime, I bolused
and awoke this morning at 61.  It has risen all day and boluses are not
effective.  The site appears to be fine (no redness).  I simply do not know
what to do."

Today's update:  Changed set again (5 changes in 6 days) and, lo and behold,
BGs have been normal but I have no confidence that I've found the solution.
We decided it would be a good idea for me to call all the pump companies,
describe my woes, and see what samples they will send me.  My doctor is also
going to take a look at the areas where I've inserted the sets the most
often over the past 7 years.

I know this has been interminably long but, geesh, I need some help.

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