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Re: [IP] Infusion Sets soon a thing of the past for me (Part2)

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> Since the infusion sets for both the MiniMed (except the Paradigm) and
> Disetronic are interchangeable, I don't understand the meaning of your
> two paragraphs or even the subject line. All pumps use an infusion set of
> some sort so there is no way around that. In the US, about 80% of pumpers
> use the MiniMed, most of whom are quite happy with their pumps. I've
> personally used the MiniMed and now have an Animas. Even though the Animas
> delivers insulin much more quickly than the MiniMed, I haven't noticed any
> differences in the way my infusion sites behave. I've used both Disetronic
> and MiniMed sets with my Animas.
> Thanks.
> Sam
Sorry about the confusion, but I was unable to establish a reliable link to
which is the actual subject of my post.
Peritoneal delivery has, in theory and hopefully also very soon in my own
experience, many advantages.

Among the advantages are that cannulas (i.e. sticking yourself every third
day) will no longer be necessary.
Absorption is constant.

 I expect hyperinsulation to be considerably reduced.
The problems, costs and risks associated with the implantable MiniMed pump
do not apply.
Since insulin does not pass through the heart on its way to the liver,
coronary disease associated with hyperinsulation is in theory less likely to

But above all no more itching and sticking myself for at least 5 years.

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