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Re: [IP] pump question

In a message dated 5/2/2002 3:55:45 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

>  There are only levels of water resistance.  The system used is the
>  IPX system.  The MMM Paradigm and the Animas are the only IPX 8 water tight
>  rated pumps.  The others are IPX 7 or below.

While it is true that the Animas R-1000 and the Paradigm have IPX8 rating, 
but that fact can easily mislead people into thinking that they have been 
tested to the same degree of watertightness. 

Basically the standards group that set up the IPX  system specifies testing 
at a specific depth for a specific period (3 feet for 30 minutes, I believe) 
in order for a pump to receive the IPX7 rating.  Any pump that is tested for 
watertightness in excess of the standard for the IPX7 rating is given the 
IPX8 rating -- regardless of the degree to which they exceed the IPX7 

In the case of the Paradigm, it received the IPX8 rating for watertightness 
testing at a depth of *8* feet for 30 minutes.  In contrast, the Animas 
R-1000 (while receiving the same IPX8 rating) was tested at a significatly 
higher standard:  a depth of 12 feet for 24hours.  

In my personal opinion as a parent of a pumper, anything that is rated for 
watertightness for only 30 minutes isn't very useful for my child.  You may 
feel comfortable  if the pump is splashed or briefly submerged, but 30 
minutes of watertightness isn't of much use for an afternoon at the pool, let 
alone a day at the beach . . . Which is why a major reason why we chose the 
Animas pump for my daughter.

Pumpmama to Katie
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