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Re: [IP] Pump question

Yeah, I know. Before I went on the pump I used Humalog and nothing else for something like a week? You
know the way they prepare you so you get all the N out of your system.  It did not work at all to
control my blood sugars. My glucose was all over the place.
The extra insulin I took at meal, to cover my basil rate, would, usually cause me to crash. I had a
hard time adjusting and finding the correct amount. I should try going off again for a day to see if I
could get it to work. I just find it easier taking N.

Linda Bork wrote:

> snip <I would just go off the
> pump for the day and use N and Humalog.> snip
> I am not medically trained, but I know from reading this list that there is no reason to take N if
> you go off the pump for a day.  You can take Humalog every 4 to 5 hours, adding up the
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