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Re: [IP] Re: behavior

Hi Paul,

Maybe there is some anger at the diabetes?  Having to take shots or not eat
like others or being on a pump or being treated "special" or constantly
having no control over this portion of his life or being told he "must be
having an insulin reaction" whenever he is angry or having his blood sugar
checked, etc.  I don't know.  I do know that when I was DX'ed at age 5 in
1969, I couldn't eat cookies and Kool-Aid for snack; I had to eat saltine
crackers and water, and many of my "friends" in Kindgergarten thought they
could catch the disease if they sat near me, played with me, spoke with me,
or had anything to do with me (except for my first boyfriend (David Raft -
may God Bless His Heart)).  Maybe he's having problems in school and is
"acting out"?

I don't really know, but I do know it is very hard to have your friends at
that age understand what is going on.

I am also assuming that Daniel's mom is the one that checks his blood sugars
(Or insists that he does), inserts his canula, etc. and generally takes the
ugly role of DIABETIC MONITOR.  I am also assuming that his younger brother,
Ben, doesn't have the disease, and doesn't have the associated worries.
Trust me, Daniel _does_ worry about this disease.

Please, take care!


> iam suspect my son daniel (6) has o.d.d.  his behavior is unacceptable  i
> wondering if anybodys child had similar behavior problems before pumping
> if you noticed a change after pumping. daniel already sees a therapist but
> dont think she is helping. daniel has been pumping for 2 weeks. most of
> daniels anger is directed to my wife and his closest sibling ben (4 1/2).
> paul bieszki       daniel dx 4/17/00
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