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RE:[IP] Pump question

snip <I would just go off the
pump for the day and use N and Humalog.> snip
I am not medically trained, but I know from reading this list that there is no reason to take N if
you go off the pump for a day.  You can take Humalog every 4 to 5 hours, adding up the amount of
basal that you would take during the time between shots and adding that to the bolus if it is
In other words, at breakfast, if you are going to go off the pump immediately after, you add up
how much basal you would take during the next 4 hours and add that to your breakfast bolus.  Then
at lunch, add up how much basal you would take during the next 4 hours (assuming it is 4 hours
since your breakfast shot, etc.  
N takes over 24 hours to leave your system and peaks, etc. and most likely will cause you to have
Taking only short acting insulin allows you to use the same ratios you normally do for your food
without having to worry about the N combining with the Humalog you are taking for food.

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