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Re: [IP] Foot injury

Most of the toe is red (has been since then) and
>under the entire toe nail it is black (and blue <I assume> because it 
>up right away or it is probably from bleeding
>beneath the toe nail).  You can actually see where the normal toe color
>stops and the redness starts (like someone drew a line).  <snip> I was
>wondering if I should go to the Dr or just wait and see how it is. <snip>
>Was wondering what anyone thought.  Thanks

I haven't talked to anyone recently who has had an
>amputation, so let us know how it goes - i.e. procedure, length of stay,
>inconvenience, meds required, etc.
>Julie, since you've had DM almost 19 years (June '83) didn't anyone teach
>you the importance of caring for your feet and not walking barefoot (same 
>stocking foot)? RUN with/without shoes to your nearest knowledgeable
>podiatrist and get that toe taken care of before you do ANYTHING else. It 
>your top priority NOW!!!!!  This ain't no YMMV post. :-(

I think this answer is a little over the top.  I don't understand why a 
person with well-controlled diabetes and good circulation would be any more 
likely to end up having an amputation (or some other bad outcome) in this 
situation than a non-diabetic.  I think that if her sugars a pretty good and 
circulation good she'd be fine without going to the doc.  Course, it 
wouldn't hurt to go to the doc...  But I'll tell you, I for one am not going 
to treat myself like a dainty little thing just because I have diabetes.  If 
there's a real issue, I deal with it, otherwise I try to live my life like a 
"normal" person.


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