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RE: [IP] pump question

> Her comment was "You wouldn't take your cell phone to
> the beach, why would you take your pump there?"
Duah???  I can't imagine how you COULD respond to that.  Maybe tell her to
leave her pancreas in the car next time she's at the beach.  It's a horribly
flawed analogy.

> And one more thing....Before all this, I asked her if
> the MM 508  was water resistant and she said NO.  I
> told her I was going to Great AMerica (Six Flags) and
> I was planning on riding some of the water rides and
> was wondering if it was ok for it to get a little
> wet. Again she said NO and that I shouldn't have my
> pump on the rides.
I'm sure you've learned since, but for the reference of anyone who might get
misled, the MM508 *IS* water resistant.  It can be splashed, even submerged
VERY BRIEFLY (towel it off and shake it out afterwards).  You would think a
rep would know this.  Report that silly woman to Minimed, their number is on
the back of your pump.

> Oops, one more thing.
Are you Jackie Chan's uncle? Erm.. Aunt rather?

> I asked about swimming with the Paradigm, and she said,
> "It doesn't float, so you could possibly lose it."
According to the numbers on MiniMed's site (in lousy imperial units for
crying out loud), the paradigm comes in at about 1.3 g/cc.  It's not clear
if this is with or without insulin, but in either case that does put your
desity above that of water which means it will sink.  I'd say wear a
once-piece and tuck it behind the small of your back.

-Sara G.
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