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RE: [IP] IP bad meter, but kudos to one-touch!

My strip-frames (for lack of a better name) have a habbit of falling out,
particularly on my older meters.  But that's the really amazing thing:  My
ten year old OneTouchII is still working perfectly!

Now, that may or may not sound fantastic, but I ABUSE my posessions.  I
can't go more than one year without sending my laptop in for (by that point)
MUCH NEEDED repair (blank areas on the display, broken keys, mice that move
of their own volition, batteries/floppydrives that fall out of their bays
and several missing screws).  Even my Minimed508's remote was busted (the
battery contact had snapped off the pc board inside) when I tried using it
recently (I havn't, to this point used it more than twice in its entire
lifetime).  Oh, and my one year old cell phone recently exploded (yes, I
said exploded) and those are certainly designed to take abuse.

Meanwhile, my OneTouchII, which saw me through high school (gee no rough use
or disregard for value of personal property there) and several years beyond
(including a month of homelessness) still beeps on with the best of them on
its J-cell battery.

Granted, I've gotten two OneTouchProfiles in the past four years, but not
because they're flakey, only for the reassurance of having redundancy in a
meter which takes easily obtainable batteries (AAA)

So, I echo your kudos.


-----Original Message-----
Any one had this happen to them?
last sunday, the thing that you slide the strip in to the meter  (1
touch profile) came off and got lost. this had happen many times, but I
always found it. I went to the pharmacy (10:00 p.m. Sunday) and
explained my situation, a new meter cost  $112 . we called one touch
from the pharmacy, and talked to a customer rep, and explained the
situation, he said that I could get a new one at no cost   now this was
one happy customer! I have dealt with them before, and they were very
helpful I just need to wait for the envelop and return the bad one,
since I have only one meter, I was quite desparate
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