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Re: [IP] insurance ranting and questions

> It has been a month and I am still fighting with the insurance
> company to get pump supplies.  In March my mom talked to them and
> they said my endo's office needed to fax a letter of medical
> necessity and all the prescriptions and gave us a name and fax
> number.  On the 27th the stuff was sent and in the fax they told her
> to call me to let me know where to get the supplies.  Since then it
> has been faxed 3 more times.  My mother and I have both called
> several times (first weekly and then in the last week it has been
> daily) and the customer service (the only phone number I have)
> people will not let me talk to this woman, nor will they give me her
> phone number. 

Get the name of the insurance company then try to find the main 
office and ask to speak to the "medical director". Places to look 
would be the yellow pages for the City of Residence, as well as the 
insurance commissioner for your state. Don't call to complain (yet), 
just get a main office number then unload on whoever you manage to 
contact. When you do, ask for the name and telephone number of the 
person that is a VP or department director for Appeals. Call and talk 
to that person as well.

All insurance companies have written appeal processes. Start that 

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