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[IP] insurance ranting and questions

It has been a month and I am still fighting with the insurance company to get 
pump supplies.  In March my mom talked to them and they said my endo's office 
needed to fax a letter of medical necessity and all the prescriptions and gave 
us a name and fax number.  On the 27th the stuff was sent and in the fax they 
told her to call me to let me know where to get the supplies.  Since then it 
has been faxed 3 more times.  My mother and I have both called several times 
(first weekly and then in the last week it has been daily) and the customer 
service (the only phone number I have) people will not let me talk to this 
woman, nor will they give me her phone number.  None of them have any record 
and have no knowledge of what is going on (most of them think I am trying to 
get a PUMP!).  The only thing they will do is take down my number.  I have said 
I want to speak to a supervisor, they either say that isn't possible or that 
they are the supervisor (a lie no doubt).  My employer has no other numbers 
besides the one I have.  Tomorrow I am getting a detailed list of what is 
included in the policy (which began Jan 1 but the employer is just now GETTING 
this info!), and am hoping there are more phone numbers included.  I have a 
claims address, but would a letter do me any good?  I doubt it.  My endo's 
office has even called and they can't get anywhere.  The lady I spoke to today 
was more helpful than most and said either the mysterious woman would call 
later today, and if not than this lady would call me and let me know what was 
going on.  If not, tomorrow I plan to call them back and say if I don't have 
any info by Monday night, then Tuesday I am going to buy the supplies and have 
it overnighted from Minimed and then send the bill to them, and get a lawyer.  
I am so frustrated and disgusted.  For this insurance I pay more premium than I 
did for Cigna, the prescription copays are higher, and also I am getting bills 
that say even after I paid my copay there is an additional patient 
responsibility after the insurance pays their part.  We were not informed of 
this in the beginning.  Lancets are not covered under the prescription plan, 
and glucagon, needles, and birth control all need a prior authorization before 
I can get them filled ( which means a big fight every month to get the 
stuff)!    I am at my total wits' end here.  What can I do?  Can I get other 
insurance on my own?  What are my legal rights?  My uncle is a lawyer but he 
practices in workers comp and auto insurance and does not know the laws 
pertaining to diabetics and health insurance... but he would help me any way he 
could.  I just don't know what my options are at this point.  I cannot get on 
my boyfriend's insurance because we are not married...though we have been co-
habiting for 1.5 years, what's the law on legal civil marriage in Florida, 
anybody know?  And would that enable me to get on his insurance through work?  
I don't want to quit my job.  I know the employer is probably stuck in a 
contract with this company.  So how can I get my supplies ASAP, and what 
recourse do I have legally to get lancets covered?  And do I have to stay with 
this company?  Do I get to look forward to  at least a year of difficulty ion 
getting supplies and getting things paid for?  Please advise, I don't know what 
to do next besides keep making pointless phone calls!

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