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Re: [IP] Foot injury

From: email @ redacted
>>>I was walking in stocking feet and I walked by my daughter who had big,
funky shoes on and I rammed my little toe into her shoe. I had excruciating
pain for about 10 minutes.  Most of the toe is red (has been since then) and
under the entire toe nail it is black (and blue <I assume> because it showed
up right away or it is probably from bleeding
beneath the toe nail).  You can actually see where the normal toe color
stops and the redness starts (like someone drew a line).  <snip> I was
wondering if I should go to the Dr or just wait and see how it is. <snip>
Was wondering what anyone thought.  Thanks

Yeah - I have a thought, and PLEASE forgive me for what this is going to
sound like, but I haven't talked to anyone recently who has had an
amputation, so let us know how it goes - i.e. procedure, length of stay,
inconvenience, meds required, etc.

Julie, since you've had DM almost 19 years (June '83) didn't anyone teach
you the importance of caring for your feet and not walking barefoot (same as
stocking foot)? RUN with/without shoes to your nearest knowledgeable
podiatrist and get that toe taken care of before you do ANYTHING else. It is
your top priority NOW!!!!!  This ain't no YMMV post. :-(

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