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[IP] FreeStyle Meter/TheraSense R&D for CGMD

Wed, 01 May 2002 22:29;  Judi <email @ redacted> writes:
Subject: Re: [IP] FreeStyle Meter
> Is there anyone out their using the FreeStyle meter? If yes, do you use
> it on an alternate site? If you are using the meter what meter where
> using before and why did you switch?
I am using a FreeStyle meter and I love it.  I use alternate sites of my
hands and also my arms.  I switched to it because it uses such a small
of blood, it sucks the blood into the strip, and it beeps when it has

        Our then 5-YO dtr. developed insensitivity in fingertips just as
she was learning to write--they looked like raw hamburger in her favored
test sites...
        Our ped. endo told us that in their practice the FreeStyle test
control results against their office equip. was right on the money every
time for most accuracy, though other alternative-site meters at the time
were more market-prominent. I spoke with a F.S. rep at diab. forum
[Nashville,TN] and learned of TheraSense's R&D for continuous glucose
monitoring system--wondering when clinical trials will be completed: 
this indeed would be one to follow, given the sensing technology
patented: I also learned what does not often show up in comparison
reviews that clinically, the technology analysis technique (that of
coulemetric) is NOT affected by levels of Vit. C, and two other typical
possible interfering factors (hemoglobin or smthg. like that and I don't
have time to look it up right now). But I wonder what issue may be
involved in subcue sensing and Vit. C level-skewing glucose readings and
whether it utilizes their patented coulemetric sensing [never can recall
whether the <current> or the <charge> and neither can our  endo... Anyone
out there following that? I believe it is an implant (subcue or deeper? I
don't know).
        Anyway---YES we were then very committed in preferring the F.S.
meter which I agree wd. be more usable with 'labeling' event features,
more SW accommodation for data tracking, etc. And a light-up display
panel would be really nice. But we love the accuracy, sm. size,
features-for-the-price OF STRIP USE, And the fact it rates very well in
Diabetes Interview recent product comparison. We took advantage of their
fall special for free meters at Walgreens and own 4. They recently
upgraded one of them--the one hauled to school daily and all around in
fanny pack at playgrounds, etc. developed a time-log prob. which they
immediately addressed. Their tech support have been wonderful. They are
more deserving of hype; to the diab. public's benefit, though I suspect
their advertising budget can't compete in this vast medical economy we
live in as we edge onward to the more complex care until the cure :-)

Carol, Mom to Leslie--now 1st grader!
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