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[IP] Re:Hives and Mastisol

Hi everyone. My name is Bobbi and was dx 14 yrs ago with -at that time type 2-
wasn't overweight and after being dx'd and not getting my diabetes under
control my endo did some blood work. To make a long story short, I had a
pituitary tumor which caused acromegaly which caused the diabetes. The tumor
was removed by a fantastic neuro surgeon and the acromegaly went away but the
diabetes didn't. A year and half ago my bg's couldn't get under control-no the
tumor isn't back (but we are doing the MRI's again) but after being diabetic
for so long-well two months ago I went on the MM508. My fasting bg's went from
345 to 165 and my h1c went from 11 to 8 and still getting better.  I have a
question in that has anyone heard of grapefruit juice causing a problem with
releasing the glucophage all at once after causing it to be stored in the liver
for along period of time? Also have been having the same problem as others with
the tape causing hives and not sticking when I get hot-I am an outdoor person
and live in Arizona. I use cortaid after I change but what is this Mastisol ? I
have been going for the last 8 years to a regular doctor but since I am on the
MM508 he is sending me back to an endo-which I go to on 5/8.

I get the digest for now and have noticed it mentioned a few times. Thanks for
your info.

Bobbi L. Greer
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