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Re: [IP] pump question

In my opinion she doesn't sounds like the easy-going reps I'm used to dealing
with at MiniMed. I think because the MiniMed company has recently gone through
some changes, and they are now dealing with more competition, etc. we will
probably see some differences.
(just my opinion)

I definitely take my (508) pump (and my cell phone!) to the beach but I try to
stay aware of where the pump is, is it in direct sun light, or in danger of
getting wet, etc. I don't do water parks but if i did, I would just go off the
pump for the day and use N and Humalog. And the only reason I would do this is
because I'd want to be able to get tossed around and wet and not worry about
knocking the pump.

I live near Great America, and if I did something like DROP ZONE, I think I'd pin
my pocket closed (I keep my pump in my left pocket) so that the pump wouldn't fly
out. In any case, they might not even let someone ride drop zone with something
in his/her pocket. They make everyone empty their pockets, and I think you have
to leave your pocketbooks behind also.

There's also the water proof case but it's sort of cumbersome and would be very
obvious in a bathing suit. If you used a disconnect, you could actually have a
friend hold it for you, but I don't usually count on something like that.

email @ redacted wrote:

> I was at a products fair last month and my MM rep was there.  She was showing
> me the Paradigm and I asked her about going to the beach and the concern I
> have about sand getting in the pump.
> Her comment was "You wouldn't take your cell phone to the beach, why would
> you take your pump there?"   She caught me off guard and I don't care for
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