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Re: [IP] pump question

"Her comment was "You wouldn't take your cell phone to the beach, why would you take your pump there?"

**What planet is this woman living on? Excuse me while I take off my pancreas just doesn't sound like normal living. And ditto again for using the pump on amusement park rides. I can't believe this woman is supposed to be selling this product - does she have any sort of clue as to the reality of living with an insulin pump? She probably tells pregnant women they should be sitting quietly on their settee with a damp cloth on their head and a small fan to cool themselves till they deliver.

That clueless of a rep shouldn't be allowed near ANYONE with diabetes - I think I would strongly consider writing MM a letter and telling them what you told us. Sure there are precautions we take (sport guard, frio pack etc) but just NOT wearing it everytime we want to do something out of the ordinary is NOT an option.

Linda & Dax

>And one more thing....Before all this, I asked her if the MM 508  was water 
>resistant and she said NO.  I told her I was going to Great AMerica (Six 
>Flags) and I was planning on riding some of the water rides and was wondering 
>if it was ok for it to get a little wet. Again she said NO and that I 
>shouldn't have my pump on the rides.   OK, so where am I supposed to put 
>it??????????    Leave it in line with some stranger????????????
>Oops, one more thing.  WHen I was asking her about the Paradigm, I saw that 
>it doesn't have a clip.  She said they are in the process of making a long 
>metal clip for it, or you they have a  beeper case for it (like what a cell 
>phone has).  I asked about swimming with the Paradigm, and she said,  "It 
>doesn't float, so you could possibly lose it.
>Any thoughts?
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml