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[IP] Foot injury

Two days ago, I was walking in stocking feet and I walked by my daughter who 
had big, funky shoes on and I rammed my little toe into her shoe.

I had excruciating pain for about 10 minutes.  Most of the toe is red (has 
been since then) and under the entire toe nail it is black (and blue <I 
assume> because it showed up right away or it is probably from bleeding 
beneath the toe nail).  You can actually see where the normal toe color stops 
and the redness starts (like someone drew a line).  Anyway, I think the 
redness has gone down some, but it is very painful to wear a shoe.

I was wondering if I should go to the Dr or just wait and see how it is.  I 
am chaperoning a high school field trip and we leave tomorrow (Fri) morning 
and come back Sat night.

I also work next work (8-10 hours a day of walking ....on my feet (of 
course), and was wondering if that is such a good idea with a toe 
injury/diabetes.  I work in a hospital, and they are the worst as far as 
being sympathetic to any employees injury.

Was wondering what anyone thought.  Thanks

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