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[IP] pump question

I was at a products fair last month and my MM rep was there.  She was showing 
me the Paradigm and I asked her about going to the beach and the concern I 
have about sand getting in the pump.

Her comment was "You wouldn't take your cell phone to the beach, why would 
you take your pump there?"   She caught me off guard and I don't care for 
this woman anyway, so I didn't respond, then she started talking to someone 

And one more thing....Before all this, I asked her if the MM 508  was water 
resistant and she said NO.  I told her I was going to Great AMerica (Six 
Flags) and I was planning on riding some of the water rides and was wondering 
if it was ok for it to get a little wet. Again she said NO and that I 
shouldn't have my pump on the rides.   OK, so where am I supposed to put 
it??????????    Leave it in line with some stranger????????????

Oops, one more thing.  WHen I was asking her about the Paradigm, I saw that 
it doesn't have a clip.  She said they are in the process of making a long 
metal clip for it, or you they have a  beeper case for it (like what a cell 
phone has).  I asked about swimming with the Paradigm, and she said,  "It 
doesn't float, so you could possibly lose it.

Any thoughts?

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