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Re: [IP] Set Question

I am also finding that I am allergic to bandaids too.  I put one on one of my
sites for about 12 hours and it has been 6 days and you can still see an
imprint of where the bandaid was.  Any suggestions???????????????????/



I had similar problems with the extra tape needed with the Sofsets.  I didn't
use the IV3000.  I would use a skin prep for a protective layer between my skin
and tape.  I then used both tapes included with the set.  Then I would curl the
tail around and tape the whole thing down with Kendall Polyskin.  This worked
good as long as I used a skin prep first.  If not, I would itch and sometimes my
skin would blister. I am now using the Ultraflex and have no problems.  I use my
sets for the three days that my reservoir lasts.  Only on a couple of occasions
have I experienced any itching.  I too have problems with Band-Aids.  It always
takes a little skin along with it.  I would suggest some type of solvent made to
loosen adhesive.  I have one that I use.  I got it from my pharmacy.  It is made
for people who use colostomy (??spelling) bags and such.  I apologize but I
can't seem to think of the name of it.  Again, as is often stated here, YMMV.

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