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Re: [IP] Set Question

In a message dated 5/1/02 10:31:58 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> The tape on the quick release sets, however, makes me break out in hives, 
> they itch like crazy, and the tape doesn't stay on (my latest one started 
> falling off 
> a grand total of one day after I put it on)

I use the sofsets too and am very allergic to the tape and set itself.  I am 
using Tegaderm first (which I am also allergic to) and then inserting the 
sofset and using both of the tapes supplied.  I am finding that the tegaderm 
sticks great, but the 2 tapes supplied with the infusion set isn't sticking 
very well at all.  It starts to loosen up within hours.  I sometimes have to 
tape another piece of tegaderm over it.

Maybe there is a problem with the tape and not you?  I haven't exercised 
lately, so it isn't sticking because of sweating.

I am also finding that I am allergic to bandaids too.  I put one on one of my 
sites for about 12 hours and it has been 6 days and you can still see an 
imprint of where the bandaid was.  Any suggestions???????????????????/

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