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Re: [IP] Corrections - was  RE: Best Pump 8was: Profile of RochelleSchroder)

On 2 May 2002 at 9:21, email @ redacted wrote:

>   This is why it is BEST to TRY each pump available."

> should have taken a closer look" then he got the the "virtual pump" demo and as
> he was scrolling through the screens I realized that all those menus would DRIVE
> me NUTS. I love being able to just hit 1 button for my bolus - but for many a
> menu system is better.

> Linda & Dax (who still don't especially like WINDOWS and was really good with
> the dos commands and could just do a couple of key strokes and get what she
> wanted and gets annoyed at menu after menu after me....)

He didn't show the audio bolus button in operation?  It appears just the same as the buttons on the H-tron only you will have to give one additional push to confirm the 
bolus.  It has a seletable bolus rate between .5 and 1 unit per push.  That is why I say you have to TRY each one.  Someone elses demo of it ISN'T the same as actually 
wearing and using it, even if it doesn't contain insulin.

(who was quite fond of CP/M and the Z-80 card in my Apple II)
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