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Re: [IP] IP bad meter, but kudos to one-touch!

At 10:08 PM 5/1/2002, you wrote:
>Any one had this happen to them?
>last sunday, the thing that you slide the strip in to the meter  (1 touch 
>profile) came off and got lost. this had happen many times, but I always 
>found it. I went to the pharmacy (10:00 p.m. Sunday) and explained my 
>situation, a new meter cost  $112 . we called one touch from the pharmacy, 
>and talked to a customer rep, and explained the situation, he said that I 
>could get a new one at no cost   now this was one happy customer! I have 
>dealt with them before, and they were very helpful I just need to wait for 
>the envelop and return the bad one, since I have only one meter, I was 
>quite desparate
>one - touch if you are out there, thank you !!!!
>David R

Thats Great David.

One tip for everyone  NEVER NEVER buy a meter the companies make money 
on  the strips and not the meters.  you can get them FREE.  ;-)

Brian Carter
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