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Re: [IP] RE: Best Pump


Our Jenny, now 13, has been using her Animas for 18 months and has never
been confused by the screen. It's menu driven. What could be easier? She
handles the pump beautifully without help. She can change basal
programs, check history, and do whatever she needs. Now, if she would
just remember to bolus for those snacks...

We love her Animas.


Jenny wrote:

 > I use the Disetronic D-Tron, and I LOVE it!  Plus, the infusion sets 
for it are super easy.  They are all very comfortable and stick very 
well, even when showering and swimming.  When I was considering which 
pump I was going to get, I really considered which ones were waterproof, 
since I am an avid swimmer and am getting into scuba diving.  All of the 
disetronic models are waterproof, and can even be removed from the 
infusion set easily without a "pigtail" hanging.  Another model I was 
considering was the Animas pump, but I think a 13 year old would find 
all of the options on the screen very confusing.
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