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Re: [IP] FreeStyle Meter

I am using a FreeStyle meter and I love it.  I use alternate sites of my
hands and also my arms.  I switched to it because it uses such a small drop
of blood, it sucks the blood into the strip, and it beeps when it has enough

Before that, I used a One Touch Ultra but it took more blood.  Since I do 10
to 15 tests a day, a small drop was very important to me.

I do have to say that I am very disappointed in the software for the
FreeStyle meter. It costs $70 for the cable and software, which is just too
expensive. Also, it will not combine the readings off of more than one meter.
It will store them separately but not combine them.  I wrote to the company
and asked if they were going to have this in an update, and they advised
they had no plans for that.  So, for $70, this is just too high a price.

I know that other meters have software that will combine readings from more
than one meter (of the same brand) and if I found one that used alternate
sites and used such a small drop of blood, I'd change in a second.

> Is there anyone out their using the FreeStyle meter? If yes, do you use
> it on an alternate site? If you are using the meter what meter where you
> using before and why did you switch?

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
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