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[IP] A new sensor with hi/low alarm

The following is from a Disetronic publication.  Is it hype or is it real?  
Only time will tell--wait until next year.
Disetronic's next move is to offer GlucOnline, a sensor that continuously
monitors glucose levels. GlucOnline is a viscometric sensor which measures
the concentration of blood sugar in the subcutaneous tissue. It was
developed together with the Humboldt University in Berlin. The sensor is
very accurate and only needs to be calibrated once at the start of a
monitoring period of several days. GlucOnline displays the blood sugar
values at regular intervals and sounds an alarm if these values exceed or
fall below certain limits. This allows people with diabetes to adapt their
insulin dosage to actual requirements and it also gives them a high level
of security against the occurrence of extreme blood sugar values. In
particular, the sensor will significantly reduce the risk of a
hypoglycaemic event occurring unnoticed during the night while the patient
is asleep. Another advantage is the fact that users no longer have to take
blood samples several times a day with standard blood sugar monitors.
GlucOnline is scheduled for release in the year 2003, provided the clinical
trials are successful and the necessary regulatory approvals obtained.
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