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[IP] Toot my horn

Hi everyone!
I had my first endo visit yesterday, 3 months after dx.  I started pumping 1 
week after dx.  The endo came in after reviewing my stats and told me "She 
wishes every patient was like me, and that she had never seen anyone take 
control and and do so great in all her years of practice!"  The info she 
downloaded from my meter showed that in 3 months my BG's had not varied more 
than 16 points at a time.  She was shocked that I had figured my own ratios, 
SF, basals, etc.  
I am so excited!  My average was 123, which I would like  to be about 100, 
and have increased basals yesterday.  I just wanted to wait until I had seen 
I love pumping and am psyched that things have gone so well.
I have a 7 year old pumper who is completely unstable, and has been since dxd 
at 17 months.  It is nice to have these encouraging results after so much 
hassle for her diabetes management!
Thanks for letting me toot my own horn.  
Lisa, dxd 1-16-02, pumping the next week with my kids backup h-tron and now 
on my wonderful ANIMAS
and mom to Mira, dxd 5 1/2 yrs ago at 17 months and pumping 2 years...now on 
her wonderful ANIMAS also!
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